Vaiśeṣika, Infopark, Kochi

The Project

The office is spaced out with occasional buffer zones to encourage engagement, accessibility, collaborative social space. Environmental graphics punctuates the common workspace with illustrations based on the 'padarthas' i.e. the categories of Vaiśeṣika, the classical school of Indian philosophy which the brand strongly stands for.

The client being a humble nature lover, was keen on incorporating elements of water, earth and greenery in the design. Water feature wall with vertical garden on both sides, earthy textured tiles, terracotta light fixtures, biophillic design run through every nook and corner.

Use of earthy color palette, pops of warm hues comforts tailor made furniture pieces punctuates the space by keeping an interactive and lively vibe. Industrial lights, wooden textured table tops and panelling, soft tactile powerplay of carpets and upholsteries blend with the modern interiors adding charm and much needed warmth to the space.

Nuanced palette of earthy materials, foliage plants demonstrate the core values of the brand, warmth and elegance are a natural fit, paying tribute to the culture. Noster has helped to transform their philosophy into design language to showcase how design can translate the vision of the brand in true spirit.

We wholeheartedly took up the challenge to bring back remote working bring back to office. An open workstation layout with white walls enlarge`s the space to provide more room for workability and ease of circulation. This resulted in a vacant, barrier free, light immersive space boosting productivity.


Vaiśeṣika Consulting Pvt. Ltd.




Project delivered in
Oct 2023


Kochi, Kerala


Interior Design,
Construction, Furniture Design


13,000 sqft

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